Manufacture of carriages


Our company has specialized in production of carriages for 20 years.

During this time we have found the needs of our clients. Our target is to provide the high quality products and services which will satisfy requirements of every client. We produce carriages for pleasure and competition use, many of them have individual and unique construction. We also offer historical carriages renovation. We provide after sales service and spare parts. Since 2002 we produce carriages for handicapped.

We have constructed the carriage which allows handicapped people not only to go as a passenger but also to drive themselves. We thank our clients for their trust and we invite for further cooperation. We will do our best to produce carriage the most suitable for You.

Naszym klientom dziękujemy za zaufanie i zapraszamy do dalszej współpracy. Uczynimy wszystko, aby zbudować najbardziej odpowiedni dla Państwa model powozu.